6 Reasons to Choose a Staycation in 2020

2020 certainly has been a year to remember – or maybe forget. While you may be rushing to jet off and get away from it all, here are our 6 reasons you should choose a staycation in 2020.

1. Travel Restrictions

The world, or at least parts of it, is beginning to emerge from the lockdown caused by COVID-19. As a result, international travel is still hit and miss. With some borders remaining closed, others are slowly reopening. However, there is an ever-present threat they may snap shut again.

Holidays are supposed to be stress-free, so why book one abroad when you run the risk of it being cancelled days before you fly?

Staycations are allowed to resume from the 4th of July in England, 13th in Wales and 15th in Scotland. Although, self-contained accommodation can open from the 3rd of July in Scotland.

2. Air Travel

Let’s face it, Air travel wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience pre-coronavirus. With early morning flights, cramped seats and the occasional lost piece of baggage all par for the course.

However, while airline bosses confidently state that flying is safe, there are going to be new rules.
These include mandatory mask-wearing, restricted access to the toilet and possibly no hand baggage, all to add to the in-air misery.

3. Avoid the Hotel Crowds, Choose a Self-Catered Staycation in 2020

Thousands of people from all over the world, crammed into one building, mingling around the bar and pool? No thanks!

Keep your holiday between just you and your nearest and dearest.

There are thousands of self-catered accommodation providers all across the country, from cottages to castles that make it easier to have a socially distanced staycation. You can find some amazing deals as they try to tempt back customers.

Check out our Self-Catering page for ideas.

Cottage on Cliff - Choose a self-catered staycation in 2020

4. Help Support the Local Economy

Small businesses have taken a massive hit in these unprecedented times. having had months without any revenue, with little prospect of international tourists returning anytime soon. local economies in the UK need your support now more than ever to get back on their feet.

Choosing a staycation will help reduce business closures, job losses and speed up the economic recovery.

5. Currency Fluctuations

Everyone knows that airport currency exchanges are a ripoff. However, this year due to disruption caused by COVID-19, the money markets are going up and down like a yo-yo.

You could find that you lose money if you pre-order foreign currency. By choosing a staycation you make sure you don’t fall foul of exchange rates.

6. Wide-open Spaces to Social Distance

The UK sometimes seems like a concrete jungle, but in fact, there are loads of empty spaces for you to socially distance your heart out only a few hours out of the cities.

With 10 national parks and 46 AONB’s such as the Lake District, Dartmoor, and Snowdonia it is easy to keep your 2m distance.